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How to Maintain Air Conditioners & Heating Systems

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There is an expense involved in the purchase, installation and use of the air conditioner. Hence, homes in warm climates that use the machine should pay due attention to the air conditioning installation to derive the best possible benefits. If the house is correctly insulated, your utility bill could be reduced when using an air conditioner or heating system.

When it comes to electrical equipment, regular maintenance is important to keep them working efficiently and also extend their lifespan. They also provide a better output as a result which is good for your money.

Types of AC Units

Air conditioners come in a variety of designs – HVAC, evaporative air conditioning, split ACs, etc. Each one has features that meet certain needs. But there are a few things that apply to all.

There are installation procedures that everyone may not be well versed with. Call in the professionals in Brisbane to do the same. But equipping yourself with some information about ACs will help you avoid unnecessary trouble and expenditure as far as maintenance is concerned.

Air Conditioning Maintenance Tips

Be it the heater or the air conditioner that you use, here are some tips from the Air Conditioning Service Brisbane guys that will help you –

  1. The air conditioner uses a filter. This needs to be changed every month at least. If not done, it can result in several issues such as poor air quality, allergies, and other health related problems. Regular cleaning and changing when necessary will ensure the good health of your AC and family. Changing the filter is an easy task. Just schedule it on time and set up reminders in your calendar.
  2. Control the temperature – Use the thermostat to set an optimum temperature. Be smart and use the timer to set the time for the AC to switch back on when you return home. When leaving home, switch off the air-conditioner. Apart from the above, regulating the temperature is another way to reduce bills.
  3. Reduce workload for the AC – A well-insulated home makes it easy for the air conditioner. If the home is not properly sealed, it will exert pressure on the machine, and the AC will not last long. On the other hand, if you let it work in a relaxed environment making sure all vents and windows are closed tight, the machine will pretty much live up to your expectations. It will save you money too. Insulate the home properly to prevent any air from passing out or coming in. If there’s any room that doesn’t need conditioning, seal it tight and close shut any vents.
  4. Clean the system – Remove any blockages in the unit you find during cleaning. Ensure there’s nothing flammable near the central heater. A conditioner that is constantly working heats up. This heat could lead to a fire risk if any paper or fabric gets close. The professional will clean the condenser too.

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