When Do You Replace an Old Air Conditioner?

How do you know when it is better to Replace An AC than Repair it?

It is due for recycling. How do you decide – repair or replace?

This question could trouble those not educated in the ways of the air conditioners available in the market.

What should they do?

Seek the assistance of professionals. Air conditioner contractors will come over, take a look at the system and tell you what is wrong and then give you possible solutions. But should you depend entirely on their advice? A second opinion might help. What if you too could have a say or thoughts about it? We are not asking you to start handling the air conditioner, but if you have enough information about the system, you can diagnose small nagging issues yourself and will also be in a better position to decide when the expert arrives.

What type should your air conditioner be?

The design could be a matter of choice. But it should also be dictated by the type of house or house design. Certain types work better with one or more home types. You must take your pick from a split AC or evaporative cooling.

Take a quick tour of the house along with the expert and ask him for an opinion. If you consider it best to replace the existing system, you had better invest in one that is currently the favored one in the market for your home types. It is likely to be more efficient than an older design.

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When should you replace the AC?

Are you running a high bill? Were you able to pin it down to the AC? If so, the instinctive answer should be when it stops working effectively enough to cool the house. But deciding usually isn’t so simple or straightforward. Since there could be a variety of reasons for its lacuna and some of those can be fixed. So, here’s when you may want to replace –

  1. Air coolers are designed with a lifespan in mind. They work best within ten years of running. If your AC is about to reach that age, it’s time you started saving for a split system installation.
  2. The filter is damaged. When replacing old systems, consider buying energy rated appliances that are efficient and last more.
  3. You notice some rooms or corners to be more hot or cold than others – It could be due to various reasons – duct problems or improper insulation or faulty equipment operation. Ask the professional to check before arriving at a decision.
  4. You receive energy bills that are unusually long, and the machine requires frequent repairs – Some machines last more than others. But in general, they have a life of about 10 years. If yours is about to celebrate its 8th or 9th birthday, it is possible you are experiencing high utility bills or calling in the AC contractor frequently. Consider its age and service quality before deciding to replace.
  5. R-22 can make a difference – the air conditioner uses Freon. If the system starts asking for extra Freon to continue operation, there could be a coolant leak. The coolant itself plus the service call and fixing the issue may cost between $500-$1000.